Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring Training...Right Around the Corner

One long month to get ready for an intense 162 game season plus (hopefully) playoffs.  Spring training is almost here; the end of February and all of March means time to get the body up to par for the season.  The Sox start off with a little tune up, split squad, match against Boston College and New England University.  Tickets to these games are hard to come by just like the regular season (sold out) so standing room only tickets are a hope for many fans.  The heat of South West Florida during March does not keep fans from coming, but attracts many.  With only one day off in the whole month of March means time for business.  Now, the starters don't play the whole game and get games off every now and then but still, can do some damage to the body.  Pre-season camp starts out early for the Sox with training at the Red Sox 5-plex (still in Ft. Myers).  Conditioning, drills, and batting practice in the in-door batting cages are an everyday thing along with autographs for the fans as well.  Until next time...


Oldest Ballpark in America: Fenway Park

Opening on September 25, 1912 which is also the same week that the famous ship Titanic sunk was the beginning of something amazing.  A national landmark which is still in operation today and for a long time to come.  Fenway Park has seen some pretty amazing players come through their as well as some intense games.  Home to the Red Sox, Fenway is one of the most unique designed ballparks out there.

The Green Monster, a tall wall standing in left field at 310 ft. from home plate which is not very high by any means, but is 37 ft. high as well.  A one of a kind green color is what makes the Green Monster so popular.  Only the staff at Fenway know the exact color green the wall is.  The Green Monster may be a help for many right handed pull hitters with power but strikes fear into many left fielders and center fielders.  What I mean by this is, only Red Sox players that know how to play a ball hit off the wall can judge where it will end up.  Many visiting players that come in for two or three games have a difficult time judging the wall or backing up to catch a fly ball against it because there is no wall as tall in any other park in America (let alone the world).

Pesky pole and Fisk pole, might be the two most famous foul poles in all of America.  Pesky pole, sitting in right field only stands at 302 ft. from home plate which isn't very far by any means, but automatically the right field wall shoots out to a stunning 380 ft. in no time.  The famous Johnny Pesky, in which the pole is named after, hit some of his six home runs around that pole but never once hitting it.  Fisk pole, standing on top of the Green Monster at 310 ft. from home plate is not as popular as the Pesky pole but still an intriguing one.  Carlton Fisk's famous home run in the post season off that pole (waving of the hands in hopes of moving the ball into fair territory or hit the pole) is the reason why they named it after Fisk.

The Triangle, might be the most complicated areas in on field territory.  The top of the Triangle is a mere 420 ft. from home plate, which causes a problem for hitters as well as fielders.  Hitters either love it, or hate it because if it gets behind the center fielder it seems like it runs for days, but also could hurt them as well if a nice long (would of have been home run) gets caught in the middle of the Triangle.  Fielders hate that area because of the odd shape (most of all ball parks are an even line of a wall in the outfield).

The lone red seat, sitting in the right field bleachers is probably the neatest object in Fenway.  Fenway's seats are a dark color green, except for the lone red seat which signifies Ted Williams longest home run ever hit at Fenway which measures at a whopping 502 ft. from home plate!

I could go on for days about Fenway but what has been said is the most popular landmarks at a famous landmark.  Until next time...


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

162...No Big Deal

The longest season in all of sports.  When you compare Baseball to other sports like Basketball and Football, there is absolutely comparison when it comes to who plays more games and whose season is more demanding on the body.  MLB teams play a 162 game regular season schedule, thats almost 1/2 a years worth of days, and its not just showing up at game time.  It's daily batting practice, working out, playing through injuries. In football there is one game a week for 16 weeks, in Basketball teams play 3 to 4 games a week.  Baseball not only plays every single day but they also have to travel more than other athletes in other sports.  So when people talk about players like Cal Ripken Jr or Lou Gherig and their incredibly long streaks of games played, I see that as much more demanding than the same kind of stat from a football player like Brett Favre.  Not to demean Favre's streak which was impressive, but he didnt play every single day for 162 games, not includding playoffs.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Additions

By now, if you are a true Red Sox fan, you have probably already heard or read about the two BIG TIME additions to our team, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez.  Carl Crawford (left fielder) came in through free agency from the Tampa Bay Rays and Adrian Gonzalez (first baseman) came in via trade from the San Diego Padres.  Adding both Crawford and Gonzalez increases the Sox chance at winning the world series by a great percentage.

Whether Crawford hits 2nd or 3rd, he will be a major force not only in the batters box but also on the base paths.  Virtually every ball hit in his direction in left field will be caught due to the short porch (Green Monster, 310 ft. from home plate) and his blazing speed (fastest player in the MLB).  Gonzalez, bating fourth, will strike fear into the hearts of every single pitcher he faces, all-star or not.  His ability to hit for power and average makes him a top player in all of MLB, as well as Crawford.  At the age of 28, Gonzalez will be a force not to reckon with in the upcoming years while in Boston.  We did lose a couple key minor leaguers in the trade to acquire Gonzalez.  Casey Kelly, number 7 overall prospect according to Baseball America, was the main piece in the trade along with Raymond Fuentes, number 8 overall outfielder prospect, and Anthony Rizzo, a power hitting first baseman.

While the big names have already been mentioned, here is a look at a few other players that the Sox have added but may have not got the press time like Crawford and Gonzalez did.  Bobby Jenks, closer that came from the White Sox in free agency, will be one of two set-up man for Jonathan Papelbon.  Dan Wheeler, relief pitcher that came from the Rays in free agency will solidify the middle of the bullpen.  And finally, Matt Albers, relief pitcher that came from the Orioles will look to find a spot during spring training.

With all these new and strong additions to our already stacked team, the Sox will look to ruin many teams lives as they stride for multiple championships in the years to come.  If they remain healthy, unlike last year, the Sox are going to be the team to beat, hands down and I am perfectly fine with that! Until next time...


City of Palms Park

Located in Ft. Myers, FL, City of Palms Park is the home of the Red Sox during Spring Training.  It houses about 8,000 crazy Red Sox fans that love the South West Florida heat during March (also Spring Break).  Beautiful king palm tree line the outside of the outfield wall.  A king palm tree is best of the best of all palm trees and the most expensive to purchase as well.  

During the month of March, as the smell of hot dogs fill the air and ice cold beer becomes available on tap, downtown Ft. Myers is one happening place.  Every home game for the Sox are completely sold out, and standing room only tickets are flying out of the ticket booth hot!  Spring Training is almost here.

What some people may not know yet is that this will be the last year the Sox train at City of Palms Park (sad, I know).  They will NOT be going an hour and a half north to Sarasota, thank the lord, they will be migrating about 10 miles south, still in Ft. Myers but to a bigger area (closer to my house, which I like).  It will actually be a Fenway Park replica but just the dimensions are going to be a little smaller.  The new stadium will offer the old Fenway look as well as a modern Florida style as well.  This will not only bring even more money to the Red Sox because of more seats available but also to Lee County.  The Sox have a lease with Ft. Myers until 2019. Until next time...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome Red Sox Fans!

I am brand new at this so bare with me, but I look forward to posting great information for my fellow Red Sox fans!  Spring Training is almost here in my home town of Ft. Myers, FL, even though I am currently in my last semester at school in Danville, VA, I will be following the Sox every day.  This is a blog for Red Sox fanatics, like my self, and if you enjoy reading updated information then this is for you!  Have a wonderful day Sox fan.