Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Additions

By now, if you are a true Red Sox fan, you have probably already heard or read about the two BIG TIME additions to our team, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez.  Carl Crawford (left fielder) came in through free agency from the Tampa Bay Rays and Adrian Gonzalez (first baseman) came in via trade from the San Diego Padres.  Adding both Crawford and Gonzalez increases the Sox chance at winning the world series by a great percentage.

Whether Crawford hits 2nd or 3rd, he will be a major force not only in the batters box but also on the base paths.  Virtually every ball hit in his direction in left field will be caught due to the short porch (Green Monster, 310 ft. from home plate) and his blazing speed (fastest player in the MLB).  Gonzalez, bating fourth, will strike fear into the hearts of every single pitcher he faces, all-star or not.  His ability to hit for power and average makes him a top player in all of MLB, as well as Crawford.  At the age of 28, Gonzalez will be a force not to reckon with in the upcoming years while in Boston.  We did lose a couple key minor leaguers in the trade to acquire Gonzalez.  Casey Kelly, number 7 overall prospect according to Baseball America, was the main piece in the trade along with Raymond Fuentes, number 8 overall outfielder prospect, and Anthony Rizzo, a power hitting first baseman.

While the big names have already been mentioned, here is a look at a few other players that the Sox have added but may have not got the press time like Crawford and Gonzalez did.  Bobby Jenks, closer that came from the White Sox in free agency, will be one of two set-up man for Jonathan Papelbon.  Dan Wheeler, relief pitcher that came from the Rays in free agency will solidify the middle of the bullpen.  And finally, Matt Albers, relief pitcher that came from the Orioles will look to find a spot during spring training.

With all these new and strong additions to our already stacked team, the Sox will look to ruin many teams lives as they stride for multiple championships in the years to come.  If they remain healthy, unlike last year, the Sox are going to be the team to beat, hands down and I am perfectly fine with that! Until next time...


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