Tuesday, January 25, 2011

162...No Big Deal

The longest season in all of sports.  When you compare Baseball to other sports like Basketball and Football, there is absolutely comparison when it comes to who plays more games and whose season is more demanding on the body.  MLB teams play a 162 game regular season schedule, thats almost 1/2 a years worth of days, and its not just showing up at game time.  It's daily batting practice, working out, playing through injuries. In football there is one game a week for 16 weeks, in Basketball teams play 3 to 4 games a week.  Baseball not only plays every single day but they also have to travel more than other athletes in other sports.  So when people talk about players like Cal Ripken Jr or Lou Gherig and their incredibly long streaks of games played, I see that as much more demanding than the same kind of stat from a football player like Brett Favre.  Not to demean Favre's streak which was impressive, but he didnt play every single day for 162 games, not includding playoffs.

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