Sunday, January 23, 2011

City of Palms Park

Located in Ft. Myers, FL, City of Palms Park is the home of the Red Sox during Spring Training.  It houses about 8,000 crazy Red Sox fans that love the South West Florida heat during March (also Spring Break).  Beautiful king palm tree line the outside of the outfield wall.  A king palm tree is best of the best of all palm trees and the most expensive to purchase as well.  

During the month of March, as the smell of hot dogs fill the air and ice cold beer becomes available on tap, downtown Ft. Myers is one happening place.  Every home game for the Sox are completely sold out, and standing room only tickets are flying out of the ticket booth hot!  Spring Training is almost here.

What some people may not know yet is that this will be the last year the Sox train at City of Palms Park (sad, I know).  They will NOT be going an hour and a half north to Sarasota, thank the lord, they will be migrating about 10 miles south, still in Ft. Myers but to a bigger area (closer to my house, which I like).  It will actually be a Fenway Park replica but just the dimensions are going to be a little smaller.  The new stadium will offer the old Fenway look as well as a modern Florida style as well.  This will not only bring even more money to the Red Sox because of more seats available but also to Lee County.  The Sox have a lease with Ft. Myers until 2019. Until next time...


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