Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring Training...Right Around the Corner

One long month to get ready for an intense 162 game season plus (hopefully) playoffs.  Spring training is almost here; the end of February and all of March means time to get the body up to par for the season.  The Sox start off with a little tune up, split squad, match against Boston College and New England University.  Tickets to these games are hard to come by just like the regular season (sold out) so standing room only tickets are a hope for many fans.  The heat of South West Florida during March does not keep fans from coming, but attracts many.  With only one day off in the whole month of March means time for business.  Now, the starters don't play the whole game and get games off every now and then but still, can do some damage to the body.  Pre-season camp starts out early for the Sox with training at the Red Sox 5-plex (still in Ft. Myers).  Conditioning, drills, and batting practice in the in-door batting cages are an everyday thing along with autographs for the fans as well.  Until next time...


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